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2. Duct-Transition. Once you have air terminals and mechanical  Feb 18, 2019 Duct systems are logical entities that facilitate calculations for flow and sizing of ductwork. victaulicsoftware. Legends: An overview. Conduit. May 16, 2018 Duct systems are logical entities that facilitate calculations for flow and sizing of ductwork. DT DUCT / Draws ductwork in the building model. This will be a good option to choose when ducting is being modelled. All Revit families are supplied by the manufacturers, (not by SpecifiedBy) so content quality could vary from product to product. Clear Vue Pentz Ef5 Cyclone Dust Collector w/ Filters. Revit Piping Tips and Tricks (Part 31 of Revit Tech Tips) I will go through how to customize the piping systems provided by Autodesk and auto-correct angles Get Connected Autodesk Revit MEP Connectors Demystified 13 Advertisement 2 resources exist that you may find helpful in the generation of solid family files. Select the zone you want to add the room. BIM content - Architectural Building Information Modeling (BIM) objects / families / system files, free to download in revit or dwg formats for use with all major BIM and CAD software including AutoCAD, Sketch-Up, ArchiCAD and others. Move your pointer above a duct and press tab until you see all ducts are highlighted. May 4, 2017 From the Autodesk App Store: Auto Insulate is a tool that empowers your team with better and smarter pipe and duct insulation workflows. Introduction . This blog post is about duct sizing. Revit automatically detects this is a supply air system. I have purchased and it seams like a promising add-in. e. Autodesk Revit includes features for architectural design, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing, structural engineering, and construction and is available as part of the Autodesk architecture, engineering and construction industry collection, providing a Things you didn't know Revit could do or maybe you just forgot. This session explores many tips and tricks for use with the Revit software. The simple and intuitive toolset is capable of placing various insulation thicknesses on pipes or ducts - based upon a set of conditions you decide. Revit MEP 2019 Essentials and Intermediate 4. After applying Duct Hangers and they are erased to change the separations It will not re-apply or re-insert on the same segment of duct-work. 2012-02-01. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Walls. Revit will automatically find the bounding walls. API FAB22941 Revit Tricks for Fabricators Nicholas Bowley IMAGINiT Technologies Description Learn advanced skills capitalizing on the new Fabrication functionality in Revit 2017 software. an option to use Metric or Imperial. Note: To use the Duct Sizing dialog to specify duct size, the ductwork must be connected to a duct system with a valid air flow Revit software systems help us to define the MEP (mechanical, electrical, and plumbing) design in several ways, but the main purpose is to understand the relationships between system equipment, such as air terminals to air-handling units, or from a pump through a pipe. As you all know I like to create videos to better show how to do something in Revit MEP. Yesterday I released a new version of Chameleon for Revit with some exciting new features, including tools to create and edit multiple curtain grid systems on a single curtain wall. I have decided to dedicate today's post for Sort Mark flexibility and I'll show you a real example how to sort and number Revit elements in your required order. You can create all the duct and let the systems create themselves, which is never really a good idea. Also, they both show flow rate/velocity values in each section of the ductwork. Duct. Once you have air terminals and mechanical  Feb 18, 2019 Create duct systems to size and analyze ductwork in your project. com 01 – Licensing After downloading your 30 day free trial of Victaulic Tools for Revit, you will see a “Register Victaulic Tools” button in the ribbon of your Revit software. Revit® Drawings. Familit. CAD blocks and files can be downloaded in the formats DWG, RFA, IPT, F3D. The most important 2013 feature is the routing preference functionality. “ With tools for designing, calculating and optimizing pipe and duct systems directly integrated in the BIM platform there’s not additional interface Revit Auto Number Add-in This application allows the user to select elements in the view to update its mark value. …If we add text and the duct changes,…the text is suddenly wrong. You will have to do this for duct tags and pipe tags. Consumers have needed to cover the cost of the product as well as the added expense of installing and maintaining tons of large metal sheets, layered with large volumes Ductus is an Australia's leading supplier of high-end air conditioning ducting supplies, ventilation and pre-insulated duct products. Fixed an issue where the value of the rebar partition parameter was deleted when upgrading projects from Revit 2017 and earlier to Revit 2018. Dust Collector. When Duct Settings is selected, the right pane displays a set of parameters that are common to all the duct systems in a project. Detailing in the Autodesk Revit software. D E WALT HangerWorks plug-in for Autodesk Revit is a tool that automates the placement and design of hangers and seismic bracing for MEP systems such as pipe, duct, conduit, and cable trays. Sort Mark easily sorts and renumbers any Revit graphical, architectural and structural elements and adds a “mark" value in the way that Revit user needs. Capture. These objects are parametric and contain data that is useful to engineers and contractors, such as URL links directly to the specifications for the product, technical and installation manuals as well a direct link to our website. This time, let's see how Revit sizes duct. Please Note: If you're new to Revit, you may be interested in my "Beginner's Guide to Revit Architecture" 84 part video tutorial training course. Size: 249856 Created: 04/09/2008 14:10:57 Modified: 04/07/2008 21:11:08 Round Duct Wye with Transition Chameleon for Revit. Revit MEP Pipe Rise/Drop Symbols I recently had a support call asking about piping rise/drop symbols in Revit MEP. HVAC, i. Terminal Units (Download All Fan Powered Revit Files) LMHS - Single Duct Terminal Unit (All Getting in the Flow with Revit HVAC Been spending some time trying to get more into the sizing part of duct for Revit… we’ve been working on a project for a Ok , so now heres the question of the day: We only have CADduct and CADmech We do not have either program Revit or AutoCAD MEP but we are having work done for us which they can supply to us in either Revit or AutoCAD MEP its our choice. Electrical for Revit. It is no Revit has over a hundred little shortcuts to make your job easier, but it can be difficult to remember them all. Video: Place Placeholder Duct When you select an air terminal or piece of  Apr 5, 2018 @Chris. In this guide, you will learn about the difference between Macros and Dynamo. Charlotte Pipe’s Revit drawings can be downloaded to work in Revit MEP or can be viewed from our website. Autodesk® Revit 2017 Comparison matrix Autodesk ® Revit LTTM 2017 Autodesk® Revit® 2017 DOCUMENTATION 2D detail lines, 2D detail components Revision tracking Dimensioning, tagging, Annotation, and Text Phasing Schedules, material takeoff Embedded Schedules Panel Schedules, Duct and Pipe Pressure loss Revit provides us the Connect the main duct to "M_Rectangular Duct Connector - Supply Air - Air Terminal. My best bet would be that this was added for large projects where considerable lag is experienced when Revit is running its calculations in the background. liNear Routing & Content Tools expand the usability of Autodesk® Revit® MEP in creating pipe and duct systems. . Fabrication for Revit MEP - 5 Years In. Improved stability when opening views that include wall joins. …Tags are used to relay information about that duct…to the person reading your drawings. Estimate in minutes what used to take you days. You may change it or leave the default value. The simple and intuitive toolset is capable of placing various insulation thicknesses on pipes or ducts – based upon a set of conditions you decide. That written I decided to compile my own review of the new features and enhancements in a blog post. This book discusses most of the best practices you will need for family creation. To take full advantage of Building Information Modeling, the Autodesk Revit 2018 MEP Fundamentals has been designed to teach the concepts and principles of creating 3D parametric models of MEP system from engineering design through construction documentation. And the default name is Mechanical Supply Air 1. …Now, what we need to do is we need to slice the ductwork…in a couple of spots…where we want to tell Revit…to size it. Tip: These Revit shortcuts are not case-sensitive, so don’t worry about caps lock. Structure. The course is 100% free with no catches or exclusions. From the Autodesk App Store: Auto Insulate is a tool that empowers your team with better and smarter pipe and duct insulation workflows. SAMSUNG Brand New Duct with Auto ESP Function ~ Redefining System A/C Standards [by ESE You can specify sizing for sections of duct using friction and/or velocity, equal friction, or static regain sizing methods. Duct systems are logical entities that facilitate calculations for flow and sizing of ductwork. These statements are not intended to be a promise or guarantee of future delivery of products, services, or features but merely reflect our current Because the Siemens BIM families are fully Revit MEP and AutoDesk Seek compliant, they are available both from within Revit MEP itself, as well as on the internet from the AutoDesk Seek website. a. heating, ventilation and air conditioning, is considered part of the mechanical domain. 13:20. STUDY. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website (stats & ads). They’re organized Hold Ctrl key and click the AHU to add it to selection. Progman introduces latest version of MagiCAD for Revit and AutoCAD February 1, 2018 arka48 Progman, a Glodon Group having specialty in software and services for the building industry over 35 years, has introduced the most updated version of its flagship building information modeling (BIM) platform, MagiCAD 2018 Update Release 2 (UR-2). Sizing can be applied to sections of ductwork or to an entire system. I try to include liner 3', and the continue without liner in the same duct size. PNG. 154 Downloads. In this Revit MEP 2016 training course, expert author Tim Dundr teaches you the basics of using Revit to design mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems. 2012 annotation api architecture array autocad auto trimming beam bim blrocha@armistead-nj. Flow and Pressure Drop calculations can then be activated at a later stage for auto-sizing purposes. Import your Revit or Autodesk Fabrication CADmep drawing (pipe, duct, ftgs, vlvs, etc) into QuoteSoft Estimating for auto-generated takeoffs. The performance of the algorithm was tested by hand using different Revit This strategy requires writing automated tests prior to developing functional  Sep 26, 2018 We just released the latest version of Scan To BIM Revit add-in that extracts pipes, round ducts and conduits from point cloud and places a  Auto-Changeover. I'll still do what I've done in the past and tackle features with dedicated posts as the new Revit season progresses. To allow Revit to automatically size duct, we must first chop the duct up approximately where we want it to reduce or increase in size based on the Tjernlund Products is your source for crawl space ventilation. Smart Hangers Insert Horizontal Duct Hangers To customize parameters select row of rules and click right mouse button. “The tools help Revit users work much more quickly by bringing the design and calculation process for HVAC and piping into Revit,” explains Jürgen Frantzen, Managing Director at liNear. CADstudio Tools for Revit is a package of utilities and macros extending functionality of Autodesk Revit. In addition to indicating the room name and area, they can be used for 3D environmental analysis. No Rating. revit_mep_2011_place_duct_pipe_640x510 - Autodesk Improved stability when upgrading Revit 2017 or earlier projects that contain multistory stairs. Nearly all of the connections worked fine, but a few just refuse to work, with Revit telling me "no auto-route solution was found". I recently started learning Revit. …Text is dumb. Since my background is architectural, most of the tips are presented architecturally, however, many are generic in nature and couldapply equally well to Revit MEP or Revit Structure. EE ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT / Places BIM – AutoCAD/Revit MODEL-BASED ESTIMATING. The GRAITEC PowerPack provides a broad suite of unique commands and functionality to significantly increase productivity when working with Autodesk ® Revit ®. Revit Piping to Pipe Stress Analysis CADmep can output Pipework Component Format (PCF) files that can be used for analysis in other products, such as AutoCAD Plant 3D See link to tweet and main article. Improved stability when editing pipe elements that are members of a group. Adding tags and creating schedules. com cad colour contract work curtain wall design options dimension doors drafting view duct dwg dynamo electrical export families family family creation filters floor formula groups ifc in-place link linked files linked model material mep parameter pdf I am attempting to use the Revit MEP "Duct/Pipe Sizing" command for only a few branches of ductwork at a time - not the whole building or floor at once. Change Duct Size. No, not the Revit MEP automatic sizing, rather the good old fashioned duct sizing using your favorite duct  May 28, 2019 Let's highlight a nice interactive didactical Python-based Revit API and longitude in Revit IFC export – Takeoff creation requires branch duct. …If we add a From the Autodesk Exchange Apps website Autodesk® Revit® building MEP designer needs to create different insulations for ducts and pipes, in order to improve the design efficiency and save the time, BIMCoder developed the tool which can help Revit users create insulations effectively; the tool provides main functions and features as below: There are several different methods to use when creating duct systems. Sort Mark can renumber any Revit® elements just the way you want, as well as detect and renumber grids. then sent to the shop where they use camduct (a brand new software for them also) then to the plasma cutter. These BIM tools can help you automate your workflow and increase your BIM productivity. A question was asked on the Revit MEP discussion group on how to remove the CFM suffix from a diffuser tag and add parenthesis to match company standard. So here yet again is another video. List of Revit keyboard Shortcuts Català - Castellano - Deutsch A list of Keyboard Shortcuts for Revit, updated to Revit 2013 (see that there are up to 3 letter shortcuts) Autodesk Revit. 9. you can select from a list Revit MEP Programming: All Systems Go Jeremy Tammik – Autodesk CP4108 This class discusses working programmatically with Revit MEP models, including an overview of the entire Revit MEP API and specific focus on the major enhancements in Revit 2013. Image Upload Bug Fixed! Round Duct Wye with Transition - Symmetric. Chec . If their connector-directions are not exactly opposed to each other, no transition is created. Autodesk ® Revit ® MEP 2014 Update Enhancement List our existing or new products and services. The CAD-Duct Object Enabler can be downloaded from the CAD-Duct website, found under Support > Additional Files. PLAY. Click your mouse to select it. Creating and annotating construction documents. Using Revit schedules, assemblies, tags, views, interference checking, and new features in Prior to the usage of Autodesk Revit, the AEC industry and specifically the MEP discipline relied on AutoCAD MEP – the 3D tool, and several other specialist tools and add-ons including CAD duct to create ductwork models. Unleash the power of your Revit model for electrical design. Study to become a Revit MEP Certified Professional with this prep course from authorized Autodesk trainer Eric Wing. I think that individual posts make features a bit easier to digest; hopefully they compliment a summary post like this one. . It needs improvements. You can create all the duct and let the systems create themselves,  Mar 12, 2012 This blog post is about duct sizing. CV CONVERT TO FLEX DUCT / Converts a section of rigid duct to flexible duct. Login or Join to download. I looked online to see if that's possible and found a couple of designs where the duct is connected to the AHU. Size: 290816 Created: 04/09/2008 14:10:57 Modified: 04/07/2008 21:11:08: Round Duct Wye with Transition - Tapered Lateral. Our department has taken a 3 day training course which dealt with mostly architectural aspects with a portion covering duct and pipe, but nothing we can really use in practice. …Under HVAC ceiling plans let's go to Revit MEP has a lot of Duct Fittings and Pipe Fittings. - [Josh] What I'd like to do in this video…is take a look at how Revit can automatically size ductwork…based on a system. RevitCity is not just a place to download free Revit families, but it is also a central place where you can get your questions answered, share your latest ideas or creations, and easily find the content you are looking for. Horizontal HANGERWORKS AUTOMATED PLACEMENT AND DESIGN FOR MEP HANGERS. You spend hundreds of hours doing boring and mundane tasks on Revit. Simply search by keyword (Siemens, panelboards, busway, etc. Why do you constantly need to refer to the air terminal catalogues for sizing purposes, when you can build the specifications into a Revit family? From the Autodesk App Store: Auto Insulate is a tool that empowers your team with better and smarter pipe and duct insulation workflows. Prerequisites: This student guide introduces the fundamental skills in learning the Autodesk Revit MEP software. Once you have air terminals and mechanical equipment placed in a project, you can create supply, return, and exhaust air systems to connect the components of the duct system. RevitCity. Browse, filter, and download objects to your project without having to switch between windows – directly from your favourite software. The Conversion branch below Duct Settings let you define default parameters that are applied separately to supply, return, and exhaust duct systems in your project. When you have Revit MEP layout a system for you, in the Settings, you can choose what Pipe/Duct type you want to use, and Revit MEP will automatically place the fittings that you choose to be the defaults for that Pipe/Duct Type. Nevertheless this is a great site if your’e after Free Revit content. Autodesk® Revit® 2020 software offers new and enhanced features that support multi-discipline teams throughout the project lifecycle. Revit BIM Blocks. I select them the same way. Connect Terminators - [Instructor] If your system contains duct work,…mechanical equipment, air terminals and accessories,…that means you can place tags as well. My company is currently using AutoCad for all of our duct and pipe drawings, and is trying to transition into using Revit. Each time you create a piece of duct that is not connected or copied from an existing piece, Revit will make you a new System Name. This is a Revit 2019 Family with a 6" round duct connection. Matt Wunch Digital Content Creator/sUAS Pilot Twitter |  Feb 3, 2016 There are several different methods to use when creating duct systems. ) for the full families. Auto - Origin to Origin specifies a line style to be used when duct or pipe segments cross each other. now i have told management to have the work done using AutoCAD MEP because it is my understanding that we can pull MEP into CADduct and CADmech and convert Free CAD and BIM blocks library - content for AutoCAD, AutoCAD LT, Revit, Inventor, Fusion 360 and other 2D and 3D CAD applications by Autodesk. Nov 10, 2010 These happen because Revit auto-generates Mark values for a variety of components (pipes, ducts, fittings, etc. Rebar. Heaps – I mean HEAPS of Free Revit families, from 2009, 2010 and 2011 format. I thought I would share to help explain why Revit MEP shows a rise symbol versus the drop symbol. This course focuses on the mechanical and plumbing sections of the exam. Review the available settings. To add a room, go Architecture > Room & Area > Room. The tools can be found on the Victaulic website www. Testing duct, piping and electrical systems. …Let's start by opening Mechanical Project-O6. Revit MEP is a flavour of Revit for work in the mechanical, electrical and plumbing domains. We connect this generic terminal to our main branch, and use it to simulate the rest of the duct networks. It’s always been one of my favorite things about Autodesk® Revit® MEP—that the developers really are working on improving our experience with each release. You will also learn 3 boring tasks you should start automating now using Dynamo. Self-sizing, or Auto-sizing diffusers are a very valuable item in a MEP engineer's Revit arsenal. The default installation directory is here (path related to Revit 2018 directory): C:\ProgramData\Autodesk\RVT 2018\Libraries\US Imperial\Duct\Fittings\Rectangular\Wyes Duct lengths have instance params. Please see the attached video on how to create these tags. Revit was full of shortfalls and incomplete areas for mechanical services and ductwork, at the time of inception. It determines swing direction and orientation, adding them as properties, recalculates shared coordinates, and more. 1. Select two duct elements to connect them with a transition. AG-125 Aluminum Opposed Blade, Duct-Mounted Cable-Operated Damper. Product Version: Revit Architecture 2018. Don t worry about damp crawl space moisture again with our dryer boosting fan. maj. This course is designed for the absolute beginner, meaning no previous Revit MEP experience is necessary. After completing my first project in MEP 2012, I now have a little "free time" before the next deadline hits. These practical, every-day utilities focus on speeding up modeling, simplifying family management, predefining annotations and enhanced external data-links for a dramatically improved BIM workflow. DF DUCT FITTING / Places duct fittings (elbows, tees, end caps, and so on) in duct systems. All the rules parameters can be changed: Rule Name, Related Category, Function Name, etc. QuoteSoft wins BIM award! 2017 Constructech Vision Award Specialty Contractor: Piping, Plumbing, HVAC "Duplicate marks - Revit will no longer incrementally assign a mark value when placing elements for the following MEP categories: Cable Trays, Cable Tray Fittings, Conduits, Conduit Fittings, Ducts, Duct Fittings, Duct Placeholders, Duct Insulations, Duct Linings, Flex Ducts, Flex Pipes, Pipes, Pipe Fittings, Pipe Placeholders, Pipe Insulations Yes, plenty in the stock library. Download All Available Krueger Revit Files (85 MB). But short of changing duct type it always connects the duct to one section. Pre-Insulated duct seems to be achieving just that. Duct/Pipe. After you select the diffusers and AHU, click Duct in Create Systems panel. Autodesk CAD-Duct CAD-Duct Details Other Formats DWG, DXF, 3DS In order to read a CAD-Duct file into Navisworks, you either need CAD-Duct installed on the same machine as Navisworks, or have the CAD-Duct Object Enabler installed. Revit Building Information Modeling software helps engineers, designers, and contractors across the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) disciplines model to a high level of detail and coordinate with building project contributors. CSR. Efficient work in these areas requires strong model analysis tools in addition to read and write access to Autodesk ® Revit LTTM ®2017 vs. " This is a generic terminal that will simulate the rest of the terminals. … I've modelled a couple of duct risers and some branch runs on the floor plates, and have then been connecting the branches to the risers. Open the tag family. 6 (86 ratings) Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately. …In Revit, however, we do not use simple pieces of text. …There's a couple of steps we'll need to do though. AUTODESK ® REVIT ® MEP 2013 Update Enhancement List Improvements made in Update 2 build (20121003_2115): Autodesk® Revit® MEP 2013 Enhancements Improves stability when sizing Duct. Product Version: Revit Architecture 2012. Improved stability when editing conduit elements. To help with that, here’s an exhaustive list of shortcuts and what they do. Revit will open the Duct Sizing dialog. A prefix or postfix value can be added to the number, so values like ‘P12A’ can be achieved. We bring innovative products to meet building standards of medical, industrial and commercial clients. Generate a one-line riser diagram, size feeders, calculate voltage drop (correctly!), perform short-circuit analysis, and more. If you haven't noticed yet, it is missing a Rectangular Beveled Tap. MEP. Image Upload Bug Fixed! If you are looking to get all your duct and Pipe tags to all read horizontal no matter which direction they are drawn in you will have to do the following to change this behavior: I recommend making a copy of the out of box family before making this change. Curved Steel Duct-Mounted Sliding Blade Damper. Not to alter the existing version of rules click copy button. Why the duct is connected to VAV in some designs, and in others connected to the AHU? When you add connectors to a family, you can specify one of the following disciplines: Duct connectors are associated with ductwork, duct fittings, and other elements that are part of the air handling systems. These tasks can be automated using tools like Revit Macros or the visual programming platform Dynamo. You can exchange useful blocks and symbols with other CAD and BIM users. You will see a dialog to create a duct system. We provide the best HVAC, Piping & Plumbing Shop Drawings that you can manufacture from at the lowest price in the field. When you have Revit MEP layout a  unconnected vents, will produce ducts to connect those vents to a certain source. So, the duct needs to be converted, then tagged, the sent out as . For some reason, it will size some branches but not others. Websites to download Revit Families for free: 1. The “Revit 2012 Family Standards and Best Practices” book. In Revit, rooms are 3D objects. On Contextual Ribbon tab> Analysis panel click Duct/Pipe Sizing. However, be aware that there are multiple ways to calculate a room’s Our goal is to maintain a long-lasting relationship with our clients based on exceptional HVAC, Piping & Plumbing Shop Drawings. Revit MEP Lesson 13: How To Generate HVAC Layout - Duration: LEARNING WITH RICH 35,668 views. Sep 10, 2008 This goes not only for manually routing pipe/duct, but also for the automatic layouts that are generated. We will not change anything here, but feel free if you want to change the Hello. Electrical connectors are used for any type of electrical connections, including power, telephone, alarm systems, and others. Please update and will give a higher star rating. Click OK. Round Duct Wye with Transition - Tapered Lateral. Revit MEP and allow you to do BIM efficiently. Less time clicking, more time creating! That work around is was I was thinking but the drawings they make in revit with all the dimensions also needs the tag/item number on each piece of duct. DA DUCT ACCESSORY / Adds duct accessories, such as dampers, in duct systems. 2259 Downloads. For almost a century now, metal frame duct ventilation systems have been the only viable option for commercial HVAC systems. This is a follow-up to the article with the similar title published a year ago. Chameleon for Revit. ) For example, if two users are  Join Eric Wing for an in-depth discussion in this video Tagging duct, part of Revit MEP 2014 Essential Training. No, not the Revit MEP automatic sizing, rather the good old fashioned duct sizing using your favorite duct wheel, or app (yes, there are MANY apps for that). They may not all be loaded into the default project template, but you can load them in from your Imperial Library. I googled and there are soem commercial tools splitting duct, but I hope there is a Revit built-in solution This goes not only for manually routing pipe/duct, but also for the automatic layouts that are generated. The copy will occur automatically in the bottom of the rules list. I'm relatively new to Revit. Fixed an issue that could cause instability in Revit when modifying the size of a set of pipe or duct elements. Rochette please ensure TAG ON PLACEMENT is toggled OFF. We carry products ranging from a room to room fan, dryer booster fan, a chimney fan, and more. Our free plugins help you focus on the fun parts of your job by giving you instant BIMobject Cloud access from within ARCHICAD, Revit, SketchUp, Vectorworks, and AutoCAD. Corrects the use of tees when specified in duct routing preferences within projects upgraded from Revit 2012. As I was following a tutorial video, I got confused when the tutor connected the return duct to the VAV. revit auto duct

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